CRIS - Cannabinoid Research Initiative of Saskatchewan


An interdisciplinary research team that aims to obtain scientific evidence about the application of cannabinoids and cannabis derivatives
to humans and animals, for health, disease and disorders.

The team is based in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada at the University of Saskatchewan.

CRIS Activities &  News:

Dec 19, 2017: SHRF funding approved for an "Inaugural Saskatchewan Cannabinoid Research Symposium" Dr. R. Laprairie et al in 2018.    Stay tuned for details.

Dec 7, 2017: CRIS Poster at 2017 Sante Awards evening: CARE-E to CRIS. How a pilot study led to the development of a provincial research program.

Dec 1, 2017:  Huntsman, Tang-Wai, Alcorn, Lyon, Mousseau, Seifert, Prosser-Loose, Newmeyer. CARE-E Study: CBD in Children with Refractory Epilepsy.  Epilepsy Professional Magazine Autumn 2017. 

Dec 1, 2017:  Cafe Scientific Workshop presented (Workshop slides linked on the publications & lectures tab)