Our Group

The Addictions and Psychopharmacology group focuses on three main areas: etiology of chemical and behavioral addictions as well as interventions that improve outcomes; new directions in psychopharmacology, including pharmacogenetics; adverse health or treatment outcomes due to psychopharmacological medications or addictions, and lastly service delivery and improvement.

We are currently working on projects related to:

  • Clozapine
  • Lithium
  • Opioid Dependency and behavioral addictions
  • Suicide 

Dr. Rohit Lodhi, PI

Dr. Lodhi is a psychiatrist-researcher who completed his PhD in psychopharmacology from the University of Edmonton. At the U of S, he has received a 2018 ComRAD award and is currently the principal investigator for a SPCOR project (original funding awarded to Dr. Bowen). During his Phd, he received an University of Alberta Doctoral Recruitment Scholarship, the Hassan F.A. Azim Graduate Award, a CPA Junior Investigator Research Colloquium Award and several travel awards.


Oluwafeyisetan Adebiyi

Research Coordinator