Bennett Ecology Lab

Basic and applied ecology focusing on plant-soil interactions

Our research focuses on plant-plant, plant-soil (especially mycorrhizas), and plant-pollinator interactions. We are interested in how these interactions affect plant populations and communities, particularly through invasion. Current project span forests, grasslands and tame pastures.

We are always interested in talking with potential graduate students or post docs that would like to join the lab; however, there will be no openings in the lab prior to January 2023, and only students that have or are likely to get external funding will be considered. Interested individuals should contact Dr. Bennett with their CV, unofficial transcripts, and a statement identifying your research interests and why they are a match for the research done in our lab.

As a general rule, students are most likely to be successful when applying to join a research lab if they stand out. Research funds are limited and we can only take so many students at a time. To stand out, you should demonstrate that you understand what kind of research is conducted in the target lab and that you are enthusiastic about that research in particular. Applicants that fail to do so are unlikely to be successful. This applies not only to our lab, but to most research labs at our university and elsewhere.