Be respectful

All individuals, regardless of their age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, culture, academic record, personal background, disability status, economic status, or mental health status, shall be treated with equal respect and recognition. No forms of harassment or discrimination are tolerated. Photographs and images of others should not be taken or used without their permission. In addition, lab members should:

  • refer to each other with the individual’s preferred pronouns, if known. Gender-neutral language is to be used by an individual if not known.
  • strive to treat each other professionally and respectfully in all situations
  • be kind and sensitive with respect to personal, family and health issues of others, and provide moral support whenever possible
  • be respectful of the privacy,  personal space and belongings of others

Be Professional

All members of the group are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner during work hours in terms of their honesty, integrity, accountability, objectivity, and respectfulness to others. Group members should:

  • execute their research work with integrity (i.e., responsibly, honestly and respectfully)
  • provide and receive positive feedback and encouragement on research ideas and results
  • be punctual for all laboratory meetings and departmental events
  • acknowledge the contributions of others
  • use their own equipment and stationary (also assists in preventing contamination)
  • ask permission (each time) to borrow research materials belonging to others
  • clean up lab spaces and field equipment after use, and store in the designated place
  • be aware of the safety of themselves and others in the lab and in the field
  • to follow the safety guidelines and rules with respect to laboratory and field work that have been defined by the University, College, Department and the research group
  • kindly point out any potential unsafe or incorrect work procedures to others
  • acknowledge their mistakes, and report any incidences or raise any concerns on safety or other issues with Neil
  • organize a work schedule with Neil to accommodate their family/personal commitments

Be Actively Involved

All group members:
  • will be invited to research group celebrations (e.g., birthdays & research successes etc.)
  • should encourage collaboration with others on their research projects
  • should allow equal participation by all other group members in group discussions
  • will have equal opportunities to lead the discussions of the research group meetings
  • should suggest group activities, particularly those that encourage cultural exchange (e.g., preparing some traditional foods), to foster camaraderie within the group

We foster a safe, welcoming and inclusive research and work environment