Nutrition and Natural Products

jane-alcorn-j1d45322_1.jpg Jane Alcorn
Therapeutic effects of flaxseed lignans
ed-krol-j1d45266_1.jpg Ed Krol
Drug metabolism of natural products;
synthesis of biologically active natural
product analogues

Brian Bandy
Oxidative stress; bioactivities of
dietary flavonoids and polyphenols;
mitochondrial respiration and biogenesis

gord_1.jpg Gord Zello
Metabolism, clinical nutrition, and
dietary assessment


kate_1.jpg Kate Dadachova
Radioimmunotherapy of cancer
and infectious diseases; radio-
protectors for cancer patients
military personnel, and astronauts
ed-krol-j1d45266_1.jpg Ed Krol
Development of probe molecules
for imaging

Pharmacology and Diagnostics

robert-laprairie-j1d45313_1.jpg Robert Laprairie
Pharmacology of cannabinoids
2019ms_1.jpg Meena Sakharkar
Identifying novel anticancer and anti-Parkinson drug design targets

Jian Yang
Structure and function of
enzymes; genomics; and anti-
microbial agents

Drug Delivery, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmaceutical Analysis

jane-alcorn-j1d45322_1.jpg Jane Alcorn
Preclinical/clinical drug discovery
and development; pharmacokinetics
(animal and human); human clinical
trials and pharmaceutical analysis
ildiko_1.jpg Ildiko Badea
Nano-formulations for non-invasive
drug delivery
anaselaneed-2020_1.jpg Anas El-Aneed
Analytical mass spectrometry;
targeted metabolomics; validated
azita_1.jpg Azita Haddadi
Polymeric drug delivery

robert-laprairie-j1d45313_1.jpg Robert Laprairie
Cannabinoid pharmacokinetics
ellen-wasan_1.jpg Ellen Wasan
Lipid-based drug delivery and
nanomedicine for vaccine

Molecular Biology


Terra Arnason
Yeast genetics; protein
biochemistry; cancer
chemosensitivity; clinical
expertise in diabetes, obesity,
and metabolism

troy_1.jpg Troy Harkness
Genetics, biochemistry and cell
biology of yeast aging; methods
to treat multiple drug resistant
cancers using cell, mouse, and
canine models; characteristation
of peptides with prolongevity and
anticancer properties