Congratulations on a successful defence!

Congratulations to Benedicta Asante on completion of a successful defence on November 9.

ErgoLab members celebrating Benedicta's successful defence!
Her thesis, titled 'Low Back Pain among Waste Collection Workers: Prevalence and Risk Factors', investigated the important issue of low back disorder among a unique workforce: waste recycling workers. Also called 'scavengers', 'rag pickers', or 'waste collectors', waste recycling workers have very high rate of low back disorders but before this study there were no known ergonomic exposure assessments of their work. Benedicta was uniquely qualified to conduct this study, since she brings with her many year's experience working as an occupational health professional in the recycling industry in Ghana. Well done Benedicta! Benedicta is supervised by Drs. Catherine Trask and Brenna Bath.