The 16th Annual Fall Symposium & Workshop, “Epidemiology for understanding our changing world,” of the Saskatchewan Epidemiology Association (SEA) was successfully held on November 2nd and 3rd, 2016 at Marquis Hall, University of Saskatchewan.

ErgoLab Trainees at 2016 SEA Annual Fall Symposium

The Ergolab was well represented at the Saskatchewan Epidemiology Association (SEA) 16th Annual Fall Symposium & Workshop at the Marquis Hall University of Saskatchewan on November 2nd and 3rd, 2016. This event was a great success both for the SEA and the Ergolab! This year’s theme “Epidemiology for understanding our changing world” received active participation of Ergolab trainees. An Ergolab trainee, Adriana Angarita-Fonseca, was a member of the planning committee and seven posters were presented one of which received an award.



  • Asante, B., Bath, B., Trask, C. (2016) Trunk Posture Assessment in a Canadian Recycling Center. Saskatchewan Epidemiology Association,
  • Angarita-Fonseca A, Trask C, Bath B. Factors associated with changes or intentions to change physical activity among Canadians with chronic back disorders. 
  • M. I. Khan, A. Kociolek, X. Zeng, B. Bath, C. Trask. Trunk posture exposure patterns in Saskatchewan farmers.
  • Fagbemi, I., Mapiour, A., Bath, B., Trask, C. (2016) Manual Materials Handling Among Saskatchewan Grain Farmers: Exposure Assessment of Common Seasonal Tasks.  Symposium, November 2nd, 2016, Saskatoon.
  • Mapiour, A., Fagbemi, I., Bath, B., Trask, C. (2016). Manual Material Handling among Cattle Farmers in Saskatchewan: Exposure Assessment to a Risk Factor for Low Back Disorders. 
  • Adebayo, O., Kociolek, A., Bath, B., Predicala B., Trask, C. (2016) Patterns of biomechanical distal upper limb exposures in swine farm workers using the needleless injector and conventional injection techniques 
  • Zeng X, Kociolek AM, Khan MI, Milosavljevic S, Bath B, Trask C (2016) Modelling whole body vibration exposure in Saskatchewan farmers.


Congratulations to Xiaoke and the team for their award!

Xiaoke Zeng received the Best Poster presentation – 2nd Position award for the study “Modelling whole body vibration exposure in Saskatchewan farmers”!