La santé des enfants immigrants et réfugiés decline en arrivant au Canada

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Immigrant children’s health declines rapidly after arrival in Canada

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Immigrant and refugee children at risk of health problems due to western diet

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Refugee and immigrant children more likely to develop long-term health problems, research finds

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Children with arthritis lack vitamin D: A new study points to a clear link between childhood arthritis and abnormally low levels of vitamin D, especially in northern countries.

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U of S research finds Canadians don't eat enough grains

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A toast to bread, bagels and other carbs - they're good for you!

* The Healthy Grain Institute and University of Saskatchewan generated 23 media hits (10,304,699 total impressions) for the May 7 U of S research campaign. This included the Sun Media article published in five print newspapers the week of May 20th, including the Toronto Sun, Winnipeg Sun and Calgary Sun.

University of Saskatchewan study shows importance of grain to Canada's diet.

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Researchers explore link between juvenile arthritis and Vitamin D

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Why banning chocolate milk doesn't make students healthier

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Chocolate milk alone is the choice of many schoolkids: Study

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Chocolate milk or no milk at all for many children

Refugee, immigrant kids deficient in vitamin D

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