The project focuses on food security related challenges in Guatemala and Tanzania, specifically those faced by women and children. Guatemala has the highest rate of food insecurity and chronic malnutrition among Latin American countries and the third highest in the world. In Tanzania, the FTD (first day of pregnancy thru the first two years of life period) is replete with malnutrition (under-nutrition), gender inequities, and disproportionate experiences of diseases, especially in rural/remote groups, identifiable minorities (eg. Albinos, certain tribal groups), and young pregnant mothers.

The project will bring together, in a truly multi-lateral manner, Canadian, Guatemalan and Tanzanian scholars to address these oppressive and borderless challenges. We believe that these three sites bring distinct lenses and unique challenges, which, when shared, blended, and strategically addressed, will result in a more holistic and globalized solution. Importantly, this effort will strive to understand, plan, and build relationships across three sites.


This project is funded by the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships and

• We currently have funding for PhD students, Post Doctoral Fellows, and early career researchers in Canada, Guatemala, and Tanzania to travel to any of the three sites to engage in short-term research projects. 

• If you are interested to know more about this opportunity, please contact, Dr. Hassan Vatanparast, at vatan.h@usask.ca, or Dr. Ginny Lane, at Ginny.Lane@health.gov.sk.ca