About Me

Erika Dyck grew up in Saskatoon and started a BA in history at the University of Saskatchewan before transferring to Dalhousie to complete her degree in History. She returned to Saskatchewan and completed a Masters degree with Valerie Korinek in 2000. After a year working at a law firm in Toronto, she began her PhD in History of Medicine at McMaster University. Her dissertation has now been published as a book, Psychedelic Psychiatry: LSD from Clinic to Campus by Johns Hopkins University Press (2008), republished by the University of Manitoba Press in 2011. Her 2013 book Facing Eugenics was shortlisted for the Canada Prize in Social Sciences and for the John A. Macdonald Prize. 

From 2005-2008 Erika was the co-director of the History of Medicine Program at the University of Alberta, where she was cross-appointed to Departments of History & Classics and the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. In Alberta she taught history courses for medical students as well as history of medicine courses for undergraduates and graduate students in the Faculty of Arts, with particular emphasis on the history of psychiatry and mental health. At the University of Saskatchewan Erika teaches courses in the history of medicine, madness, and methodology. She is particularly interested making history inclusive and learning about people who have been written about, but rarely listened to. Some of the community-engaged collaborations have created space for these discussions. See: www.historyofmadness.ca andwww.eugenicsarchive.ca. Erika also serves as the co-editor of the Canadian Bulletin for Medical History/Bulletin canadien d'histoire de la medicine with Kenton Kroker. 

In 2014, Erika was nominated to The New College of Scholars, Artists and Scientists at the Royal Society of Canada and was inducted later that year.