Current Students

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Andrew Roebuck Ph.D Physiology

My research explores the role of the endocannabinoid system in neurological and psychiatric disorders. Currently, I’m investigating modulation of the CB1R as a potential treatment for absence epilepsy and the interaction between the endocannabinoid system and psychosis.

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Brittney Lins Ph.D Physiology

I'm interested in the effects of inflammation during pregnancy on long term behaviour outcomes in the offspring. I focus on behaviour related to psychiatric illness and cognition, and how abnormalities can be prevented or managed with pharmaceuticals.

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Dan McElroy M.Sc. Physiology

My research interests have focused on the endocannabinoid system and its relationship to anxiety. I love everything to do with the brain including neurophysiology, brain circuitry, the BNST (obviously), and nerding out with my clay brain model.

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Gavin Scott Ph.D Physiology

I am interested in studying the neural substrates underlying multiple forms of memory, including working memory and long-term memory, through the examination of patterns of neuronal activity, protein expression, neurogenesis, and animal behaviour.

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Melissa Herdzik B.Sc. Honours, Physiology & Pharmacology

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Michael Anderson M.Sc. Physiology

I am interested in studying the effects of immune system activation during pregnancy on the attention span of offspring

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Nancy Cai B.Sc. Honours, Physiology & Pharmacology

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Tim Onofrychuk B.Sc. Physiology & Pharmacology

I am interested in the characterization of neural circuitry by using lightweight, head-mounted microscopes in freely moving rats. I am also interested in the utilization and development of open source science.