Above (left to right): Crystalyn Legg-St. Pierre, Evelyn Muma and Serena Caunce received awards for their research posters during the 2014 WCVM Undergraduate Research Student Poster Day.

Poster day celebrates undergrad research

More than 40 students participated in the Western College of Veterinary Medicine’s 2014 undergraduate research student poster days that were held at the college on Sept. 9-10. Several of the award winners worked with members of the One Reproductive Health Group.

The annual event showcases the research projects that are completed by undergraduate students during the summer months at the WCVM.

While the majority of summer research students attend the veterinary college, some are enrolled in other colleges at the University of Saskatchewan including the College of Agriculture and Bioresources and the College of Arts and Science.

A team of judges from the WCVM reviewed the posters and selected the best research posters in three categories: basic sciences, clinical sciences and para-clinical. First-prize recipients received $150 each while the second- and third-prize winners received cheques for $100 and $50 each, respectively.

Basic sciences

  • First prize: Serena Caunce (supervisor: Dr. Jaswant Singh). Poster title: “Blood flow to the corpus luteum and preovulatory follicle after ovulation induction during first versus second wave in water buffalo.”
  • Second prize: Beverly Morrison (supervisor: Dr. Joseph Rubin). Poster title: “Carbapenem-resistant bacteria from imported seafood.”
  • Third prize: Evelyn Muma (supervisor: Dr. Daniel MacPhee). Poster title: “The expression of the kindlin family of the integrin activators in the uterine musculature during pregnancy.”

Clinical sciences

  • First prize: Alex Neumann (supervisor: Dr. Jaswant Singh). Poster title: “The effect of low-level ergot consumption on caudal artery hemodynamics in beef cattle.” 
  • Second prize: Lea Riddell (supervisor: Dr. Joe Bracamonte). Poster title: “Effects of repeated through-and-through needle joint lavage on synovial fluid markers in horses.”
  • Third prize: Kathryn Carmalt (supervisor: Dr. David Wilson). Poster title: “Orthopedic screw holding capacity of the equine distal phalanx.” 


  • First prize: Emily Lanigan (supervisor: Dr. Murray Jelinski). Poster title: “Survey of internal parasite egg counts in Saskatchewan beef cow-calf herds.”
  • Second prize: Crystalyn Legg-St. Pierre (supervisor: Dr. Daniel MacPhee). Poster title: “Characterization of nesfatin expression in placenta during pregnancy.”
  • Third prize: Morgan Wawryk (supervisor: Dr. Susantha Gomis). Poster title: “Health assessment of broiler chicken embryos by pathological examination of unhatched embryos at the time of hatch.”
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