A world first: bison calves produced by IVF

In July 2016, three bison calves were born that were produced through in vitro fertilization by One Reproductive Health researchers. A fourth calf resulted from the transfer of frozen embryos collected in 2012. These calves are the culmination of years of research into bison reproductive physiology.

The use of advanced reproductive technologies in bison is a breakthrough that promises to help preserve the genetic diversity in threatened wood bison populations.  In addition, these technologies could help control the spread of tuberculosis and brucellosis, diseses which have hindered efforts to restore bison populations. 

This achievement garnered a great deal of media interest.  Here's a roundup of the media coverage of this remarkable event:

WCVM Today Feature

  • World’s first IVF bison calves born at WCVM – The four wood bison calves grazing beside their protective mothers look just like any other bison – but what makes these animals unique is the way they came into the world. 

University of Saskatchewan Press Release

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