ORH Research Featured on Cover of Reproduction, Fertility and Development

Dr. Crystalyn Legg-St. Pierre and coauthors have published a paper in Reproduction, Fertility and Development on the research done by Crystalyn as a DVM student researcher in Dr. Daniel MacPhee's lab, and their work is featured on the cover of the issue!

Crystalyn graduated from the WCVM in 2017 and returned in 2018 to start a residency in Anaesthesiology.

Legg-St Pierre Crystalyn B., Mackova Martina, Miskiewicz Ewa I., Hemmings Denise G., Unniappan Suraj, MacPhee Daniel J. (2017) Insulinotropic nucleobindin-2/nesfatin-1 is dynamically expressed in the haemochorial mouse and human placenta. Reproduction, Fertility and Development 30, 519-532.

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