Welcome to the webpages of Ingrid Pickering, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Molecular Environmental Science at the University of Saskatchewan. We are pleased that you are interested in the activities of our group.  

Synchrotron Studies of Metals in Biological Systems

We use and develop synchrotron light techniques to investigate the roles of metals and other elements in living things. Our cross-disciplinary research encompasses both environmental and biomedical interests. We are diverse in our research backgrounds.

Canadian Light Source

We have close links with the Canadian Light Source (CLS) synchrotron on the University of Saskatchewancampus. Graham George and Ingrid Pickering are co-scientific leads for the new BioXAS suite of beamlines at the CLS. Ingrid Pickering is Program Leader for CIHR-THRUST, the CIHR-funded synchrotron health training program at the University of Saskatchewan.


Contact us if you are ready to further your career at the MSc, PhD or postdoctoral level, you are interested in working in a cross-disciplinary environment, and you are excited by the chance to be involved with synchrotron research.

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