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Dr. Mansfield Mela Professor

MBBS, FWACP, FRCPsych, MSc, FRCPC Dr. Mansfield Mela, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Saskatchewan, is an academic forensic psychiatrist in the University of Saskatchewan and a founder of the forensic subspecialty in Canada. As an expert he has been called upon to testify on various aspects of the interface of law and psychiatry. This includes criminal and civil matters. He is an associate faculty member of the College of Law and teaches medical and law undergraduate and post graduate students. He is a member of the Saskatchewan Review Board and a member of the Saskatchewan Physician Health program. He is the head of the interdisciplinary research team made of academic professional in the area of forensic mental health in the University of Saskatchewan. His research focuses on psycholegal aspects of forensic mental health, with specific interests and expertise in the area of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). He brings a clinical perspective to his research questions and seeks to generate research and implement knowledge to achieve evidence-based practice amongst forensic mental health and FASD populations.

Ellis Hall, Royal University Hospital

The Canada Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Research Network (CanFASD)


Dr. Mela is the Co-Lead for Diagnostic Research for The Canada Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Research Network (CanFASD). CanFASD is a collaborative, interdisciplinary research network, with collaborators, researchers and partners across the nation. It is Canada’s first comprehensive national Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) research network. It started as an alliance of seven jurisdictions and operated for seven years as the Canada Northwest FASD Research Network.


Regional Psychiatric Centre


Dr. Mela is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatris at RPC. RPC is a multi-level security forensic psychiatry facility in Saskatoon, SK. Inmates are housed in direct observation living units. An eight-bed Regional Hospital is located at RPC as well. At RPC, The Corrections Service of Canada offers a variety of correctional programs (including health, educational, social, vocational and cultural programming) to help inmates become law-abiding citizens.


Lakeland Centre for FASD


Dr. Mela is the diagnosing physician as a part of the interdisciplinary team at the Lakeland Centre for FASD (LCFASD). The LCFASD provides cost free programs and services in the Cold Lake, AB area, as well as on local First Nations and Métis Settlements. They provide high quality services to persons affected by an FASD, including individuals diagnosed with an FASD, their families and support systems, schools, employers and other community agencies. 

Dr. Mela is also clinically involved in the 2nd Floor Women’s Recovery Centre at Lakeland; a long-term fee-for-service residential treatment program. It is implemented exclusively for women who are expecting or at risk of pregnancy and substance using, with consideration given to women of childbearing age, based on bed availability. It is designed to strengthen the woman’s physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health, as well as to improve the overall health of the fetus. This 9 bed facility in Cold Lake, Alberta focuses on women challenged with addictions in order to help them develop healthy lifestyles and have healthy children in the future


Central Urban Métis Federation (CUMFI)


Dr. Mela is a part of the health clinic at the Central Urban Métis Federation (1993) Inc., (CUMFI). CUMFI is a community based Métis owned and operated non-profit, charitable organization located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. CUMFI is a local and national leader in the area of urban Aboriginal issues and challenges.