Prevalence of ADHD in a Correctional Facility

Data has been collected on mentally disordered male offenders at a Canadian federal treatment facility.  Current and childhood ADHD status were assessed. Opportunities exist for subsequent analysis and dissemination.

The Role of Anger in Recidivism Among Homicide Offenders

We have data on 40 homicide cases and have variables evaluating anger before and after treatment. Opportunities exist for subsequent analysis and dissemination.

Spirituality and Offending Behaviour

Offenders were measured on their attendance of spiritual services while convicted. Research interests include investigating their institutional offending and recidivism.  Opportunities exist for subsequent analysis and dissemination.

Psychotropics in 3 Different Hospitals

A database contains sociodemographic variables as well as all medications prescribed from 3 hospitals for similar conditions (taken all in the same day). Research interest include analyzing prescription patterns, reported combinations of medication and prescribing discrepancies between the 3 settings. Opportunities exist for subsequent analysis and dissemination.

Evaluating the Impact of White Burgess Langille Inman on the Process of Psychiatric Expert Witnessing

Expert witness is regulated through the courts through Mohan. This is 20+ years old and so much has happened in the field. Recently, the supreme court of Canada, in White Burgess Langille Inman, laid down new parameters for admitting expert evidence. The research will involve the analysis of the case in relation to psychiatric evidence. Opportunities exist for researchers with medicolegal expertise or law students to participate in the initiation and analysis of the implications for psychiatry and the law. 

Homicide, Recidivism and Predictors

A database consisting of 900 homicidal offenders released over 30 years is available. Potential for child homicides, sexual child homicides and various other categories are available. Opportunities exist for analysis and dissemination.

Clozapine Use in Forensic System

There is still much to be understood about the use of Clozapine in the forensic system. Research interests include determining the variability of use according to ethnic groups. Opportunities exist to initiate research investigating the use of clozapine in forensics. 

Trauma and Offending Behavior

A pilot study of individuals with significant levels childhood trauma has been conducted, collecting data using the adverse childhood experience scale. Opportunities exist for subsequent analysis and dissemination.