Picture of Dr. Allison Henderson

Dr. Allison Henderson Alumna

Allison completed her PhD through the U of S School of Environment and Sustainability in 2013, where she studied grassland songbird ecology and conservation in Saskatchewan’s Milk River Watershed. Her research took an interdisciplinary approach to examine relationships between grassland songbird habitat preferences, rangeland health and rancher attitudes towards species at risk and stewardship. During her PhD studies, she taught BIOL 424.3 Grasses & Grasslands at the U of S as a Teacher Scholar Doctoral Fellow and Sessional Lecturer. Immediately prior to her PhD studies, Allison worked for Parks Canada at Grasslands National Park on recovery planning and monitoring activities for species at risk. Allison holds a MSc from Simon Fraser University, where she studied insect ecology on Costa Rican coffee plantations, and is an alumnus of the U of S Agricultural Biology program and the UBC Bamfield Marine Science Centre. She is currently with the SK Ministry of Environment as the Parkland Area Wildlife Ecologist, Human Dimensions lead and Provincial Elk Manager. She lives in Yorkton, SK with her partner Garth and their three exuberant children, Ewan, Ava and Brynne.