Picture of Jada Renee Koushik

Jada Renee Koushik PhD Candidate

Jada Renee Koushik is a PhD Candidate in the School of Environment and Sustainability (SENS) at the University of Saskatchewan. She received a Masters of Science in Conservation Biology and Environmental Justice from the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE), in addition to a Masters of Science in Public Health from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, with a focus on Environmental Health and Natural Resource Management. 

For nearly ten years she worked at state and local health departments in the United States, where her experience as an epidemiologist and health educator provided her with a diverse background in vector-borne diseases, communicable disease, and environmental health. Currently, Jada is working with the Sustainability Education Policy Network (SEPN) to examine to what extent place influences sustainability (e.g., sustainability in relation to Indigenous considerations, in relation to local issues and landforms, in relation to the history of that place) in education policy and practice. Her work surrounding how local contexts inform the engagement of sustainability in education policy and practice was recently published in the Journal of Sustainability Education (JSE).