Picture of John Boakye-Danquah

John Boakye-Danquah Postdoctoral Researcher - Alumnus

John's PhD thesis examined how Model Forest organizations operate within multi-level environmental governance arrangements to support Sustainable Forest Management of small-scale forests. The study used a multi-site case study approach to examine the roles of the Eastern Ontario Model Forest and Kyoto Model Forest Association in small-scale forest management in Canada and Japan, respectively. John's research sits at the nexus of governance and social, and environmental sustainability of the PROGRESS Lab. 

Follow this link: https://harvest.usask.ca/bitstream/handle/10388/11665/BOAKYE-DANQUAH-DISSERTATION-2018.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y to learn more about John's PhD thesis. 

You can also learn more about John's current research by following this link: https://www.jboakye-danquah.com/