En route to Akureyri, west coast of Iceland

Maureen attends the Nordic Ruralities Conference in Iceland

From May 22-24, Maureen attended the Nordic Ruralities in Akureyri, Iceland. Scholars came primarily from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland – with a few strays from Canada and the UK.

The view from the conference window, University of Akureyri
Maureen worked with Swedish and Canadian colleagues to convene some special sessions dedicated to understanding social innovations in Nordic model forests and biosphere reserves. A one-day writing retreat following the conference confirmed the innovative work these organizations are doing and helped them frame a journal article that they will work on in the coming months.
In addition to the conference, Maureen enjoyed eating wolf fish and learning about Icelandic geography and culture. Iceland is literally tearing itself apart, as it is located where two tectonic plates are separating. Iceland is a very active landscape with volcanoes and geysers showing off their effects across the country.   
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