Razak held verification workshop in Cumberland House

On June 1, 2016, Razak held a meeting in his study community, Cumberland House in northern Saskatchewan, to present preliminary results/analysis of his research to the local participants.

About forty people attended the meeting, including the Mayor of the Village, the president and members of the Hunters and Trappers Association, representatives from the Saskatchewan Power Corporation and Ducks Unlimited Canada, as well as some Elders and youth in the community. The meeting offered the local participants the opportunity to see how their interviews were being analyzed, and gave them the chance to provide comments and feedback. 

Razak first gave a talk on using a two-eyed seeing approach to bring together traditional and scientific knowledges to better understand long-term change in the Saskatchewan River Delta. Afterwards, he opened up for questions and discussions. His project members who went up with him said that it was recognizable that people were interested in his results and really appreciated him personally. Razak also indicated that the meeting was helpful as it raised discussions among community members and deepened the interpretation of his results. 

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