As directives for self-isolation and quarantine for health care workers were being established at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Surgery needed an effective system to know the COVID-19 status of surgeons in the Province. This information is crucial for the management of surgical manpower needs in the Province for all surgical specialties. The Department quickly developed and deployed a secure proprietary smartphone App, called Inventory, to have real-time information on the COVID-19 status of surgeons across the province.

The inventory app provides up to date information about COVID-19 cases in Saskatchewan and the rest of Canada. One of the most useful features of Inventory is access to COVID-19 surgical algorithms. These algorithms guide the surgical team on the use of PPE and other precautions as they provide surgical care to COVID and non-COVID patients. Having those algorithms at your fingertips has contributed to the safety of our patients and surgical teams across the Province. There has been a surge of interest for Inventory nationally and internationally, and the Department is considering sharing the app with our surgical colleagues beyond the borders of Saskatchewan.