Advanced Wearable Technology

The TeleVu wearable system is an advanced portable virtual care solution designed for hands-free remote healthcare delivery. Constructed with a lightweight, ergonomically designed headset, this system integrates high quality video and audio communication tools that enable medical professionals to interact with patients and colleagues remotely. TeleVu incorporates accurate voice command capability, allowing users to control the device and navigate through various functions without the need to use their hands.

To improve the capacity for communication, the system features Telestration which enables digitally drawing or annotating over a video or image in real-time during a broadcast. This technology is commonly used in televised sports broadcasts, educational videos, and remote teaching to visually explain and enhance the content being transmitted. TeleVu’s flexible virtual care platform brings together an ecosystem of smart sensors and interoperability across medical devices that transforms the way healthcare workers collaborate with remote locations to manage their clinical practice.