Knowledge mobilization is important to RESOLVE! We want to find creative ways to engage people in the community who are interested in ending violence to contribute in their own way to this website. Perhaps in the News and Events section, sharing your news or updates; or in the Resources piece, contributing with research briefs, notes or useful links. We hope that this Community Voice section becomes a forum for us to create a conversation together, and we remain open to suggestions as this is your space!

Suggested Reading

In 2020, RESOLVE SK began the process of developing principles with which to realign its practices to better serve Saskatchewan’s Indigenous communities. One of the Elders we met with spoke of the importance of having a clear vison of what the healthy communities we’re seeking to build will look like when doing research. She recommended using methodologies which employ art and storytelling as a means of helping researchers and participants alike reconnect with both themselves and the land and even shared some resources with us to demonstrate what that might look like. We are now sharing this list with you, along with some of our own additions, to hopefully inspire more creativity in your work! 


CREATE (McGill University) – “Creativity Research in Education using Artful inquiry for societal Transformation and intercultural Exchange.” An arts-based practice research group.

More Than Words (McGill University) – a 4-year project funded by Women and Gender Equality investigating the use of Indigenous-focused youth-led survivor engagement through the arts. A project being conducted through CREATE. 


Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples by Linda Tuhiwai Smith

Disrupting Shameful Legacies: Girls and Young Women Speaking Back Through the Arts to Address Sexual Violence edited by Claudia Mitchell and Relebohile Molestane

Our Rural Selves: Memory and the Visual in Canadian Childhoods edited by Claudia Mitchell and April Mandrona


“Because we are natives and we stand strong to our pride:” Decolonizing HIV Prevention with Aboriginal Youth in Canada Using the Arts

“Because we have really unique art”: Decolonizing Research with Indigenous Youth Using the Arts

‘Culture’ as HIV prevention: Indigenous youth speak up!

“Stay Strong, Stay Sexy, Stay Native”: Storying Indigenous youth HIV prevention activism

“When you follow your heart, you provide that path for others”: Indigenous Models of Youth Leadership in HIV Prevention

Indigenous Storytelling as Research

In this article, Jackie Gu analyses how mass shootings were either domestic violence attacks or committed by men with histories of domestic violence.

This reading contains graphic descriptions of violence. Be sure to take care of yourself.

Published in Bloomberg on June 30, 2020. Click here to read the complete article.

Karen really likes this article, written by Vicky Smallman, National Director, Women’s and Human Rights for the Canadian Labour Congress, and thought we might post it to share with you.

Smallman has written a thoughtful reflection on recent events in Nova Scotia and its connection to domestic violence. She points out the media’s alleged neutrality in portraying horrible news, reinforcing silence as part of the problem. Smallman suggests that we have a caring conversation with those who might be at risk.

Published in Our Times on April 27, 2020. Click here to read the complete article.