• AKUA DVD-SAF Safer Printmaking - Rostow & Jung 
  • Handbook of Non-Toxic Intaglio - Henrik Bøegh
  • Non-Toxic Intaglio Printmaking - Keith Howard 
  • Printmaking Handbook: Non-toxic Printmaking - Mark Graver 
  • Printmaking Handbook: Water Based Screenprinting - Steve Hoskins 
  • Printmaking in the Sun - Dan Welden & Co-Author Pauline Muir 
  • Printmaking Revolution - Dwight Pogue
  • Printmaking with Photo Polymer Plates - Dianne Longley 
  • The Green Art School - Susan Groce
  • The Green Print Studio - Liz Chalfin
  • Water Based Screen Printing Today - Roni Henning 






Materials and Equipment

Producers and Suppliers

Screen Printing Suppliers

Safer Printmaking Contacts

Baldwin, Andrew:

  • Developed Baldwin's Ink Ground.  Very happy to help with technical questions regarding his ground.

Bøegh, Henrik:

  • Since 1995, Henrik Bøegh is a D​anish printmaker who has taken active part in the development of safer printmaking techniques and equipment for Non-Toxic Intaglio

Chaflin, Liz:

  • Liz heads Zea Mays print shop, one of the most conscientious shops in terms of non-toxic printing.

Ferstman, Gerald:

  • Developed "new blue" ground. Has worked with Mark Graver on more reliable ink ground.

Morrison, Holly:

  • author of Intaglio - A Studio Manual ​for the Painting & Printmaking department of  Virginia Commonwealth University 

Graver, Mark:

  • Non-toxic intaglio expert, with a shop in New Zealand.

Kiekeben, Freidhard:

  • The man behind 

Pogue, Dwight:

  • Came out with a line of non-toxic products (D&S). Teaches at Smith in Western Mass.

Rushton, Barry:

  • Developed Hawthorn linseed-oil based inks.

Sacca, Elizabeth:

  • Heading the intiative at CIEM print shop in Mirabel, Quebec to transfer the shop entirely to non-toxic printing.

Semenoff, Nik:

  • A founder of alternative printing techniques

Tamasauskas, Otis:

  • Teaches at Queens University, Kingston, Ontario and is a huge proponent both of waterless lithography (solvent free) and a solvent/odor free stone lithography method.

Welden, Dan:

  • Author of Printmaking in the Sun and printmaking veteran based in Sag Harbor, NY, USA