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Ru Igarashi Adjunct Professor

Physics 68

About Me

M.Sc. (University of Alberta) 
Ph.D. (University of Saskatchewan) 

Dr. Igarashi is an experimental subatomic physicist specializing photonuclear reactions. The experiments he is involved with typically use high energy photon (gamma ray) beams that react with nuclei of various materials. He has more recently gotten involved in experiments with high energy electron beams. This research is carried out primarily at the HIGS/ DFELL facility at Duke University, USA, and at Jefferson Lab at Newport News, VA, USA. His current research interests include:

  • elastic scattering of photons (Nuclear Compton Scattering)
  • photo- and electro-production of neutral pi mesons near production threshold
  • photo- and electro-disintegration of light nuclei
  • experimental tests of the Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn sum rule for the deuteron

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Dr. Igarashi's forte are preparing and running experiments (that covers a lot of ground), data analysis, programming, and cryogenic (LHe, LH2) targets. He maintains the data acquisition and analysis software used in some of his research. When he's not taking abuse from his graduate and summer students, he can sometimes be found destructively testing his targets.