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Binding of Copper and Cisplatin to Atox1 is Mediated by Glutathione through the Formation of Metal-Sulfur Clusters.

Dolgova, N.V., Yu. C., Cvitkovic, J.P., Hodak, M., Nienaber, K., Summers, K.L., Cotelesage, J., Bernholc, J., Kaminski, G.A., Pickering, I.J., George, G.N., and  Dmitriev, O.Y. (2017), Biochemistry,  56: 3129–3141

Dynamics of the metal binding domains and regulation of the human copper transporters ATP7B and ATP7A.

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Nanobodies as Probes for Protein Dynamics in Vitro and in Cells

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Interactions Between Metal-Binding Domains Modulate Intracellular Targeting of Cu(I)-ATPase ATP7B, as Revealed by Nanobody Binding

Huang, Y., Nokhrin, S., Hassanzadeh-Ghassabeh, G., Yu, C., Yang,H., Barry, A.N.,  Tonelli, M.. Markley, J.L., Muyldermans,  S., Dmitriev, O.Y., Lutsenko, S. (2014) J. Biol. Chem., 289:32682-93

The use of nanopore analysis for discovering drugs which bind to α-synuclein for treatment of Parkinson's disease

Tavassoly, O., Kakish, J., Nokhrin, S., Dmitriev, O.Y. and Lee, J.S. (2014) Eur. J. Med. Chem. 88:42-54

Cu(II) and dopamine bind to α-synuclein and cause large conformational changes.

Tavassoly, O., Nokhrin, S., Dmitriev, O.Y. and Lee, J.S. (2014) FEBS J., 281(12):2738-53

Copper chaperone Atox1 interacts with the metal-binding domain of Wilson disease protein in cisplatin detoxification.

Dolgova, N.V., Nokhrin, S., Yu, C., George, G.N., and Dmitriev, O.Y. (2013) Biochem. J. 454:147-56

One-Step Amino Acid Selective Isotope Labeling of Proteins in Prototrophic E. coli Strains,

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Molecular Events Initiating Exit of a Copper-Transporting ATPase ATP7B from the Trans-Golgi Network

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Cell-free synthesis of membrane subunits of ATP synthase in phospholipid bicelles: NMR shows subunit a fold similar to the protein in the cell membrane.

Uhlemann, E.E., Pierson, H.E, Fillingame, R.H. and Dmitriev, O.Y.  Protein Sci. 21, 279-288

Interaction With Monomeric Subunit c Drives Insertion of ATP Synthase Subunit a into the Membrane and Primes a-c Complex Formation.

Pierson, H.E., Uhlemann, E.E. and Dmitriev, O.Y. (2011) J. Biol.Chem. 286, 38583-38591

Difference in Stability of the N-Domain Underlies Distinct Intracellular Properties of the E1064A and H1069Q Mutants of Cu-transporting ATPase ATP7B.

Dmitriev, O.Y., Bhattacharjee, A., Nokhrin, S., Uhlemann, E.E., and Lutsenko, S. (2011) J. Biol.Chem. 286, 16355-16362

Disease Mutation or Polymorphism? Cellular Copper Levels Determine the Phenotype of the Arg875 Variant of ATP7B/Wilson Disease

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Mechanism Of Tumor Resistance To Cisplatin Mediated by the Copper Transporter ATP7B

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Crystallization and Preliminary X-ray studies of the N-domain of the Wilson Disease Associated Protein

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The soluble metal-binding domain of copper transporter ATP7B binds and detoxifies cisplatin.

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Interaction of Transmembrane Helices in ATP Synthase Subunit a in Solution as Revealed by Spin-Label Difference NMR

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Function and Regulation of Human Copper-Transporting ATPases

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The Rigid Connecting Loop Stabilizes Hairpin Folding of the Two Helices of the ATP Synthase Subunit c.

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Solution Structure of the N-domain of Wilson Disease Protein: Unique Nucleotide-Binding Environment and Effects of Disease Mutations

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NMR assignment of the Wilson Disease Associated Protein N-Domain

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