Zone 2 hardy Sour Cherries

Dwarf Sour Cherry beginners fact sheet 
The breeding of dwarf sour cherries began in the 1940s by Dr. Les Kerr. The past 50 years of breeding have combined cold hardiness, dwarf stature, and good fruit quality into the final product. The cherry releases by the University of Saskatchewan are a great tasting cherry with high sugar content. They also have very good potential for mechanical harvesting which is necessary for commercial fruit production. Usask varieties are unique in their cold hardiness and short 
  • In 1999, SK Carmine Jewel was released.
  • In 2004 the Dwarf Sour Cherries guide was published
  • In 2004 The Romance Series of Cherries was released

Dwarf Sour Cherry Guide

Dwarf Sour Cherries: A Guide for Commercial Production is available through the U of S Bookstore 




These files are for determining ripeness. Screen save on your phone and compare. You may have to do the comparison indoors as there may be too much glare outside