Welcome to the Palmer Lab

Enzymes are proteins that catalyze chemical reactions; they routinely increase reaction rates by a trillion-fold. Practically every living process is controlled by enzymatic activity. We study what enzymes do and how they do it: understanding enzyme mechanisms will allow us and others to predict the function of other enzymes, apply enzymes as practical catalysts, and design inhibitors that can serve as medicinal agents.

To achieve our goals, we use a variety of chemical and biological techniques, including organic synthesis, molecular biology, protein purification, steady-state kinetics, and biophysical chemistry. Our laboratory has enjoyed collaborations with many other researchers, particularly Dr. David Sanders, as well as with scientists working across our campus through the PRISM centre, and with research groups in the USA, Poland, Japan, and across Canada.

Our laboratory appreciates the funding it has received from NSERC, CFI, CIHR, SHRFthe Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Research Corporation, Sylvia Fedoruk CCNI, the Canadian Glycomics Network, and the University of Saskatchewan.


Mailing Address

Dr. David Palmer
Department of Chemistry
University of Saskatchewan
110 Science Place, Saskatoon, SK, Canada S7N 5C9

(306) 966-4662