Akira Hirose 

(D.Sc., FRSC, FAPS, FIEEE, FEAS) Professor/Director, CRC (T1)
Magnetic fusion (tokamak), waves and instabilities in plasmas, plasma assisted material synthesis 

Michael P. Bradley 

(Ph.D., P.Eng.) Assistant Professor (On leave)
Ion implantation, photonics

Andrei Smolyakov 

(Ph.D.) Professor
Theoretical/computational plasma physics, nonlinear plasma dynamics 

Chijin Xiao 

(Dr.rer.nat.) Professor
Magnetic fusion (compact torus injection), plasma diagnostics, plasma assisted materials synthesis 

Qiaoqin Yang 

(Ph.D.) Associate Professor, CRC (T2) Mechanical Engineering, U. of Sask.
Synthesis of carbon nanostructures, tribology, superhard materials, plasma assisted materials synthesis 

Harvey M. Skarsgard

(Ph.D.) Professor Emeritus.
Founder of PPL

Post Doctoral Fellow


S. Elgriw 

(Ph.D.) Post Doctoral Fellow

Research Staff

D. McColl

(B.E. in Engineering Physics) Technician

J. Zhang

(M.Sc., E.I.T.) Research Assistant

Graduate Students

  • Reza Behbahani (Ph.D.) (Xiao) Dense Plasma Focus
  • Aseem Chauhan (M.Sc.) (Bradley) Metallurgical ion implantation
  • Carl Dunlea (Ph.D.) (Hirose)
  • Winston Frias  (Ph.D.) (Smolyakov)
  • Oleksandr Koshkarov  (M.Sc.) (Smolyakov)
  • Ekow Lewis  (M.Sc.) (Xiao) Ion Doppler Spectroscopy
  • Sandeep K. Litt (Ph.D.) (Smolyakov)
  • Jason Maley (Ph.D.) (Hirose / )
  • John R. (JJ) McLeod (M.Sc.) (Bradley) Hydrogen implanted silicon LED's
  • Akbar Rohollahi (Ph.D.) (Xiao) Repetitive Compact Toroid Injection
  • Ivan Romadanov (Ph.D.) (Smolyakov)
  • Sarah Purdy  (Ph.D.) (Bradley) Carbon implanted silicon LED's
  • Gregory Tomney  (M.Sc.) (Xiao)
  • Junyi Yang  (M.Sc.) (Bradley) Quantum effects

Graduate Student Opportunities

If you would like to join our research, please contact one of our faculty members: