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The University of Saskatchewan is a member of the U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities (i.e., the 15 most research-intensive universities), a global leader in biological, genetic and ecological research, as well as the home of two Nobel Prize winners. 

Power Systems Research Group

Power Systems Research Group at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has a long history in producing highly trained and qualified personnel for industries along with undertaking breakthrough research in different domains of Power Systems. Our Department is the main provider of power engineers in Saskatchewan and our group with 4 IEEE Fellows is the only group working on power engineering in the province of Saskatchewan. This is one of the strongest groups in Canada working closely with the local power company, SaskPower, on power systems engineering technologies. 

Following its vision of becoming a world leading utility though innovation, performance and service, fueled by the growing Saskatchewan economy, SaskPower has a very ambitious program for development and system renewal and plans to expand the share of renewable energy in total generation in the Saskatchewan province to 50% by 2030. A large number of power engineers and researchers with strong power systems knowledge and skills will be needed in the coming decade. This has also triggered huge R&D and educational opportunities in this area in the Saskatchewan province. 

Considering our unique position, our group will further extend our well-established, productive and long-term relationship with SaskPower and other parties to capture the huge opportunities in power systems research and development and to support power engineering education and research in the province and internationally.

Research Excellence

  • Our group has the 2nd largest number of publications in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems worldwide.

Source: IEEE Xplore and WebOfScience

  • More than 10 graduates from our group have been elected as IEEE Fellows.
  • The IEEE PES Roy Billinton Power System Reliability Award is named in honor of our group member, Prof. Roy Billinton.

Our History

Retired Faculty Members of the Power Systems Research Group

Research Goals

  1. To become a strong and internationally-recognized group in power systems research and to establish itself as one of the best in North America;
  2. To conduct cutting-edge power systems research and develop state-of-the-art research facilities;
  3. To play a key role in supporting the local power company to set up a safe, reliable and sustainable smart grid in the Saskatchewan province;
  4. To transfer the technology developed in the research laboratories to industry and to help industries capture opportunities related to development of smart grids worldwide;
  5. To attract first-class students and train and nurture them to be young power engineers; and
  6. To foster an international and sustainable academia-industry collaboration.