PRactices Of Governance, Resilience, Environmental & Social Sustainability

Welcome to Maureen Reed’s PROGRESS lab in the School of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Saskatchewan. Here, we are all confronting the overall question: What models of governance and action can help communities become resilient and make progress towards environmental and social sustainability?







Most of the research in the PROGRESS lab is conducted in rural places. Our research communities are dynamic; they face interconnected environmental, social, economic political and cultural changes. Some of these changes happen rapidly, such as during extreme events like flooding and forest fires. Other changes happen over generations, such as expectations about gender or indigenous-settler relations and how these expectations affect decisions made about environment and sustainability. We study both fast and slow-moving changes and consider how to support transformations for equitable, resilient, vital and sustainable communities.

Biosphere reserve practitioners and Maureen plan projects together at Long Point Biosphere Reserve, Ontario

We work with our research communities to identify research questions and answers to inform practices, policies and processes. Our philosophy is that local communities and organizations have the capacity to address and even shape environmental and societal change; our inquiries seek to reveal and enhance these capacities. Through detailed case studies, careful comparative analyses, and broad-based national inquiries, we hope to provide lessons that residents, communities, organizations and governments can use.

Maureen presents about sustainability courses taught by SENS at the
4th World Congress of Biosphere Reserves in Lima, Peru in 2016.

Our work spans a range of models and practices. In Canada, we work in biosphere reserves, model forests, community forests, and Indigenous territories. Beyond Canada, we conduct research in similar contexts. We share our results with local communities, local-national governments, private sector interests, United Nations agencies, and scholars around the world.

Please review these pages to explore the kinds of research that have kept us awake at night and that get us out of bed each morning!

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