Ana Karinna Hidalgo

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Equity and health in industrial districts across Canada. An urban design analysis

Industrial districts in Canadian cities are easily recognized because of their urban landscape: box-like buildings, lack of greenery or sidewalks and limited access to public transportation. In addition, around 30% of the workforce travel daily from home and spend around eight hours on these sites. Evidence shows that quality public space, mainly greenery, even in the winter, promotes physical, mental and social health in communities. This study aims to understand the conditions of health and equity in Canadian industrial sites using spatial, demographic and urban design analysis and contrasts with an interdisciplinary literature review. A healthy place for daily activities and work will benefit everyone in a city or town.


This research focuses on the main industrial districts of Canada.

Research phases:

  1. A systematic and interdisciplinary literature review with a focus on urban design.
  2. Spatial analysis and mapping of industrial districts to determine the location and other physical and environmental characteristics.
  3. Spatial analysis at the street view level to determine urban design qualities.
  4. Systematic analysis that combines the results of the previous phases to evaluate the conditions of health and equity provided by the urban environment.


Graduate students

Ashlee Bueckert

Ashish Bhandari

Undergraduate students

Kloey Bells

Dominic Tran



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