Our analytical laboratory houses various instrumentation to support our research in environmental geochemistry. Although we are not a certified laboratory, we offer fee-for-service analysis of aqueous samples for academic researchers and their collaborators. Please contact Dr. Jing Chen for more information on analytical services, sample requirements, and associated costs.

HPIC System
Trace Gas GC
Thermo iCAP TQe Thermo iCAP PRO XP Duo Thermo Dionex Integrion Thermo Trace 1310
Our triple quadrupole inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry system provides sub-ppb detection of trace elements in aqueous samples. We use the ICP-MS for quantification of trace metal(loid)s and rare earth elements in surface waters, groundwaters, and mine waters.
Our inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectroscopy system supports sub-ppm detection of major and minor elements in aqueous samples. We use the ICP-OES for routine chemical analysis of various water samples and solid-phase digests.
Our high performance ion chromatrography system supports quantifiation of inorganic anions at low-ppm. We use the HPIC for routine chemical chemical analysis of various surface water, groundwater, and mine water samples.
Our gas chromatography system is configured with thermal conductivity and flame ionization detectors. We use the GC-TCD/FID system for quantification of permanent gases in water, sediment, and mine waste samples.

We are fortunate to have access to several world-class research facilities on the University of Saskatchewan campus. We regularly utilize infrastructure housed in the following facilities:

Canadian Light Source. The Canadian Light Source (CLS) synchrotron is located approximately 500 m from our research laboratories on the USask campus. We use several spectroscopy and diffraction beamlines to study metal-mineral interactions in various sample matrices and under different redox conditions.

Saskatchewan Structural Sciences Centre. The Saskatchewan Structural Sciences Center (SSSC) is a multidisciplinary research laboratory and analytical facility that houses various instrumentation. We principally use vibrational spectroscopy instrumentation for vibrational spectroscopy (i.e., Raman, FTIR) housed in this on-campus facility.

WCVM Imaging Centre. The Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) Imaging Centre is an electron and light microscopy facilitiy located on the USask campus. We principally use electron microscopy capabilities (i.e., SEM-EDX, TEM-SAED) for (sub-)micron-scale examination of minerals and organic matter.

Information on other research centres and facilities located on the USask campus is available here.