Current Projects

The SK-IMN is made up up 75+ university faculty, graduate students, and administrators who received a Canadian Institutes for Health Research Training Grant to develop a provincial-based Indigenous Mentorship Network Program (IMNP) to support Indigenous graduate students, post doctoral fellows and new investigators to be successful in their pursuit of careers in the fields of health and wellness, Indigenous studies and community-based research. 

Over the next 5 years we will be working to create mentorship opportunities that address areas of need as identified by students and new investigators. We will work with students, faculty, administrators and the community to inform institutional change to ensure the university is effectively implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's recommendations.

In March 2019, a research team led by Drs. Tait, Moser and McInnes received a small grant from the Royal University Hospital Foundation to establish a community-based think tank comprised of Indigenous Elders, thought leaders and persons with lived experience of organ donation and/or transplantation. The creation of this think tank is part of an emerging national effort to develop a research and intervention program in public health education and culturally-safe healthcare services for organ donation and transplantation that targets, and involves Indigenous peoples. Twelve people are part of this think tank and by mid-Ocotber, it will have met five times. Collectively, members have determined that they would like to apply for a larger grant in order to advance research, clinical practice, and public health education focused on organ donation and transplantation among Métis and First Nations people in Saskatchewan.

Past Projects

This is a Canadian Intitutes of Health Research (CIHR) Planning and Dissemination grant. This project looks into the concepts of Cultural Safety and Trauma Informed Care via a scoping review. A three-day meeting and public forum was held in February around these topics. View the page on the Cultural Safety meeting here.