Technology Innovation Management


Technological Innovation is increasingly the source of sustainable competitive advantage for firms around the world. However, it is challenging to build a successful organization that repetitively brings technological innovation to the market.

This course will focus on the practices and processes for leading edges of innovation practice. It explores the processes for developing technological innovation, as well as the strategy for successful business outcomes. Unlike traditional case-based management education, this course focuses on using history, mathematics, economics, design and leadership. Students will learn how to strategically position the technology that they develop and innovate for different commercialization processes.

How is It Taught?

The course has two components, the first hour will be in collaboration with GE490 .1- Innovation Speaker Series. The students will engage with industry experts to learn about the practice used in industry currently and to develop a professional network as well as awareness for career planning.

The second portion of the course will be lecture and group work with the instructor to explore the strategic considerations to evaluate, explore, execute and exploit the innovations.

The course is suitable for any students who want to understand the fundamental process of innovation management, and aspire to become a leader in an innovation driven organization.

Past Student Experience

Course Content


Topic 1 – Introduction

  • Course Introduction
  • History of Technological Innovation

Topic 2 – Technology and Market Dynamics

  • Technological Dynamics
  • Market Dynamics
  • Interaction and Implications of Technological and Market Dynamics

Topic 3 – Defining Innovation

  • Source of Innovation
  • Intellectual Property and Strategy Considerations
  • Evaluating Projects
  • Timing of Entry

Topic 4 – Developing Innovation

  • Organizing Innovation Teams – Incentives
  • Organizing Innovation Teams – Culture
  • Organizing Innovation Teams – Process

Topic 5 – Commercializing Innovation

  • Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • Commercialization Planning


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