Customer Discovery Bootcamp 


The customer discovery workshop is the first step and the foundation stone of the venture journey for engineering entrepreneurship. To understand your potential and future customers’ values, pain points, and their current solution(s) is to ensure that you are developing the product or service that will be accepted in the market space. The workshop series contains two parts. It will provide participants with knowledge and skills for conducting good customer discovery. The participants shall attend both parts to complete the workshop.

The workshop is designed for teams who have shown commitment to moving their ideas forward and have been working on their idea stage for 2~6 months before attending the workshop. Completing the workshop is a prerequisite for the USask SIGMA Skill Accelerator ( Courses such as GE431.3 and GE495.6/496.3 would be considered equivalent). 

The workshop is offered once per semester. USask students are welcome to apply. 


Upon completing this workshop series, the participants will be able to perform the following actions.

In the Workshop 1:

  • Identify their customer segments,
  • Evaluate different customer segment opportunities,
  • Develop an outreach and customer discovery interview plan, and
  • Set goals and actions plans to complete before workshop 2.

The Workshop 2 is one week after workshop 1, the participants will return after completing customer discovery interviews.

In the Workshop 2:

  • Review and reflect on the findings from customer interviews,
  • Reevaluate their business model,
  • Identify their most compelling value proposition, and
  • Identify next steps in customer discovery and acquisition.