Blogging Mozambique will over the next while bring blogs from people connected to the Making the Links - Saskatchewan Mozambique work as well as from people connected with the Training for Health Renewal Program - Mozambique and Canada - and the Massinga Training Centre in Massinga Mozambique who are hosting the Making the Linkers. Some of these blogs can also be followed on the Saskatchewan Star Phoenix.

Dr Ryan Meili

Dr. Ryan Meili coordinates the Making the Links program linking communities in Saskatchewan and Mozambique.

Introduction - June 2010

Chegada - June 2010

Life in the Developing Ward - June 2010

Tevele - June 2010

Income from within - July 2010

Post-call - July 2010

Tristeza Não Tem Fim, Felicidade Sim - July 2010

Gerri Dickson

Gerri Dickson is co Director of the Training for Healh Renewal - Mozambique Canada - Program along with Dr. Antonio Tanda. Gerri Dickson has been an international development health worker over many years in Africa and the South Pacific.

The Story of Alda - June 2010

Anne-Marie Graham

Anne-Marie Graham is a Saskatoon Physiotherapist, a partner in Bourassa and Associates Rehabilitation Centre and teaches at the School of Physical Therapy at the University of Saskatchewan.Anne- Marie is being hosted by the Training for Health Renewal Program n Mozambique.

Losing my Baggage - June 2010

Boundaries - Aug 2010

Bev Wudel

Bev Wudel is one of the Making the Links U of S College of Medicine students presently attached with the Massinga Training Centre in Mozambique. This is Bev's second visit to the Massinga Centre - she had previously gone there as a nutrition student.

Vaccine Brigade - June 2010