The Gathering Place

This short video about the Gathering Place in Massinga Mozambique shows people to people, community to community links and support that have been developed between Massinga Mozambique and Saskatchewan, Canada. (Nov 2011)



Message to Pinehouse

Please view a special video about a long term relationship between Pine House Community School in Saskatchewan with a sister school in Mozambique facilitated through the Training for Health Renewal Program. (Spring - 2011)


Moving Forward with Community

Presentation slides and handouts

Closing the Gap on the Basso Bridge

The Basso Bridge project is a critical community infrastructure project in Mozambique. More details here >>

Community Schools Building Community and a Nation

One of the exciting things happening in the Training for Health Renewal Mozambique Canada program is the community –to- community links that have been forged to build the capacity of Mozambique to serve the needs of its people. Full details >>

Community Radio Making Community Health

Among the exciting things happening in the Training for Health Renewal Mozambique Canada program is the new community-based radio dedicated to building healthy community. Full details >>


A Note of Appreciation

Dear Friends,

We are sending this message to you to thank you for your support of the Training for Health Renewal Program (THRP) work over the years, and to give you an update about what is happening.

One of the more exciting things was the visit of the Mozambique Minister of Health, Dr. Ivo Garrido to the Massinga Centre in July. He toured our Centre and heard about our work. On his departure he called us a model on health training for the country. He specified that we engage communities in our training, prepare health workers to work in community realities, and demonstrate excellence in our programs and facilities. That meant a lot to everyone at the Centre in reinforcing the work done, and the community health and development direction that we have taken.

We were heartened by the news of the International AIDS Conference in Toronto in August that put a major emphasis on prevention (through the direct participation of communities in their own health), and strengthening of health systems through appropriate training of health workers.

Over the years we have had health science students from the U of S - placed at the Centre – learning from communities in Mozambique, and bringing their experiences back to Canada. These mutual bridges of learning are very important.

We have a new major community building project underway with the development of community radio – Radio Cossinga. Initially supported by CAW and UNESCO, it will broadcast the voices of women, youth and elders on key issues of building healthy communities. (There are over 250,000 people in the Massinga area without access to mass communications.) We are also working to have a bridge built for the community of Basso, so people can reach health services in the rainy season.

To support our work through the Mozambique Building Fund, please contact us >>

The Mozambique Building Fund provided desks for students in Massinga.

The Mozambique Building Fund supports a community gathering place for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Administration Building

Bricks ready for construction of Admin Center


Community Media/Radio Centre

Newly constructed Fall 2006.