Current research projects

Magnetically Confined Plasmas and Thermonuclear Fusion

  • Secondary large scale instabilities in the drift wave turbulence
  • Neoclassical effects on magnetic islands
  • Drift waves and instabilities

Space and Astrophysical Plasmas, Space Propulsion

  • Waves and instabilities in ionosphere plasmas
  • Anomalous Transport and Instabilities in Hall plasmas and Hall Thrusters

Current Collaborations

  • University de Provence, Marseille, France
  • Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton, USA
  • Commissariat Energie Atomique, Cadarache, France (X. Garbet, ...)
  • Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California at San Diego, USA (S.I. Krasheninnikov)
  • Clark University, MA USA (N. Sternberg)
  • Kyoto University, Japan (Y Kishimoto)
  • Russian Research Center "Kurchatov Institite" (A B. Mikhailovskii, ...)