Beamteam Research Group


  • University of Saskatchewan
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    B.Sc. (Honours) Physics
    May 2013
  • University of Saskatchewan
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    Ph. D. Physics
    August 2018

Research Projects

Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors

Dilute magnetic semiconductors are standard semiconducting materials that have been doped with magnetic atoms to give them properties which can be utilized most notably in areas of spintronics and photocatalysis. My goal is to study these transition metal doped semiconductors experimentally and analyze the results using calculations based on the Anderson Impurity Model. This will provide an in depth understanding of how the dopants interact with the semiconductor to modify the electronic and magnetic properties.

Maximum Entropy Deconvolution

Broadening of spectra due to limitations in experimental equipment is generally the convolution of the true underlying signal and some point spread function, this function is roughly a Gaussian for spectrometer broadening. During my NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research position I developed an algorithm, based on the maximum entropy method in information theory, which can deconvolve experimental spectra that have been broadened due to the limitations in instrumental resolution. This purely mathematical approach allows a significant improvement of experimental resolution of spectroscopic data taken at synchrotrons with very low computational cost. This deconvolution algorithm is of particular interest to resonant X-ray emission and scattering techniques due to the broadening being dominated by instrumental factors rather than the more complicated lifetime broadening, which is due to quantum mechanical effects.


  • Gerhard Herzberg Memorial Scholarship (2017)
  • Department of Physics and Engineering Physics Scholarship (2016)
  • Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship (2015)
  • Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship (2014)
  • Department of Physics and Engineering Physics Scholarship (2013)
  • NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award (2012)
  • James F. Mathison Memorial Scholarship (2012)
  • Jennette Gertrude Traynor Award (2011)


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