New GeP2N4 Research Results

Two high impact articles on the first nitrido phosphate GeP2N4 appeared from the work of summer student Cody Somers.

REIXS beamline tour

Hear about the Resonant Elastic and Inelastic X-ray Scattering (REIXS) beamline from Teak Boyko, Scientist and Beamline Responsible.

1st Annual INSPIRing Science Communication Workshop

Mehrnaz Zargham places third in the poster competition of the 1st Annual INSPIRing Science Communication Workshop

A tradition of excellence

Beamteam alumni Mark Boots is featured again on the University Alumni website.

Alan Pratt award

Prof. Moewes receives the 2020 Allen Pratt Memorial Award for Community Service by CLS.

Interview on Gerhard Herzberg receiving the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1971

Prof. Moewes gave an interview on the occasion of the 50 year anniversary of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Dr. Gerhard Herzberg. Dr. Herzberg was a faculty member in the U of S ...

Designing energy efficient, high output, perfectly tinted LEDs

Bright light and powerful math leading the way to better LED lighting. The Beamteam research group is featured in the CLS news.

Brett Leedahl wins (joint) G. Michael Bancroft award

Beamteam graduate Brett Leedahl wins the (joint) G. Michael Bancroft award for the best thesis with CLS data. Well done, Brett!

Dr. Moewes Tier 1 Canada Research Chair is Renewed

The position comes with $1.4 million in funding over seven years.

de Boer wins CSSTC 2019 Poster Competition

Tristan de Boer was the 1st place winner of the Student Poster Competition at the 19th Canadian Semiconductor Science and Technology Conference.

de Boer featured in CLS highlights

PhD student Tristan de Boer is featured in the CLS "On the Beamlines" highlight.

Neil Johnson is Awarded the 2017 G. Michael Bancroft PhD Thesis Award

Congratulations to the winner of this year’s G. Michael Bancroft PhD Thesis Award. Dr. Neil Johnson completed his PhD with the Beamteam

Young Innovators: Powering the next computer revolution

Neil’s work on silicene is featured in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix newspaper as part of the Young Innovators series.

Revealing materials’ secrets with synchrotron light

With the ability to probe a wide range of materials, researchers, from paleontologists to catalyst chemists, flock to these powerful light sources

Missing Oxygen Atoms Are Key to Robust Spintronic Material

"the substitution of Fe atoms into In2O3 (In2O3:Fe) has recently yielded a very consistent and promising material."

University of Saskatchewan Team Shaping the Future of Technology

A portrait of the beam team was published in the Westgrid/Compute Canada Newsletter in March 2016.

Professor Alexander Moewes was selected as the 2017 recipient of the Distinguished Researcher Award

The awards recognize outstanding contributions made by faculty to their specific area of expertise.

CLS News: Stability and electronic characteristics of epitaxial silicene multilayers on Ag(111)

Neil Johnson's second publication investigates the electronic properties and stability of single layers of silicon atoms, known as silicone.

Dr. Mark Boots receives Alumni Achievement Award

The Alumni Achievement Awards recognize graduates of the University of Saskatchewan for excellence, leadership, and innovation in their achievements and in their contributions to t...

Beamteam Members Take Provincial Scholarships

3 beamteam members have been awarded Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity scholarships.

World Class Research, Community Atmosphere

APS TV features the University of Saskatchewan.

"Exemplary Mentoring, Superior Leadership"

Prof. Alex Moewes awarded the 2015 Advising Excellence Award.

OriginLab Features Dr. Robert Green

“Origin has a large amount of features which allow you to display data in a very professional way. I have used Origin to create graphs and other figures for every one of my scienti...

Beamteam Dream Team

A new feature by the University of Saskatchewan on our recent graduates.

Beamteam takes Second Place

Neil Johnson takes home second place at the ALS Users' Meeting. Features Beamteam on Silicene

Our CLS Feature on Silicene has been featured on numerous news blogs.

Graphene on the Cusp

Adrian Hunt's PhD research on graphene oxide is featured by the CLS,, and other news outlets.

The most prestigious award that students in Canadian schools can receive

John McLeod is Awarded the Governor General's Gold Medal

Pitman Takes National Scholarship

Amy Pitman has been awarded a prestigious NSERC CGSM scholarship which is tenable from May 2014 until April 2015

Beamteam Members Take Provincial Scholarships

Tristan de Boer, Brett Leedahl, Thomas Tolhurst, and Amir Qamar have been awarded Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity scholarships.

Adrian Hunt: Young Innovator

Hunt is featured by the Star Phoenix for his cutting edge research on Graphene

Beamteam featured in "International Innovation"

By employing advanced synchrotron radiation techniques, the Beamteam at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada is studying the characteristics of new and complex materials that wil...

Israel Perez wins International Contest

Dr. Israel Perez, member of the beamteam, was awarded a fourth prize for his essay entitled: "The Preferred System of Reference Reloaded" in a FQXi contest.

Muir And Green present strong in Engineering

David Muir and Robert Green take second and third at the College of Engineering Research Day Poster Event.

Using Silicon to Deter Bomb Threats

John McLeod is featured by Metro News.

Gryba: YWCA Woman of Distinction

Amy Gryba (Pitman) has been chosen as the recipient of the 2012 YWCA Women of Distinction Youth Award.

Johnson and Green take Provincial Scolarships

Neil Johnson and Robert Green have been awarded Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity scholarships.

Johnson takes NSERC PGS-D

Neil Johnson has been awarded a prestigious NSERC PGS-D scholarship, tenable from September 2012 until September 2015.

Dr. Moewes awarded Tier 1 Canada Research Chair

This position come with funding of $1.4 million over 7 years.

Green wins CLS Poster Competition

Robert Green was one of three winners of the Student Poster Competition at the 2011 Annual Users' Meeting at the Canadian Light Source in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

McLeod and Hunt awarded NSERC CGS-Ds

John McLeod and Adrian Hunt have had their NSERC scholarships upgraded from PGSD3s to CGSD3s. CGSD scholarships are prestigious national awards, providing $35,000 per year in fundi...

Green wins Berkeley Poster Competition

Robert Green was the winner of the Student Poster Competition at the 2010 Annual Users' Meeting at the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley, California.

Beamteam Students Get Big Scholarships

Four PhD physics students from the University of Saskatchewan "Beamteam" research group have won federal government scholarships valued at about $250,000, the university announced ...

Shedding Light on Research

Alex Moewes Profile: "Hard Driving Science"

Beamteam featured in "Making Waves"

The Beamteam research group was featured in the University of Saskatchewan's research publication, Making Waves: A Landscape of Discovery, Creativity, and Innovation:

Muir awarded best student presentation at CAP

David Muir was awarded the prize for best student presentation at the 2007 Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) meeting for the Division of Instrumentation and Measurement Phys...

Wilks recipient of two prestigious awards

Regan Wilks has been awarded an NSERC PGS-D scholarship, and has also been selected to participate in the NSERC's Summer Program in Taiwan. Regan will be working with Dr. W.F. Pong...

Dr. Alexander Moewes' Canada Research Chair Renewed

Dr. Moewes' Tier II Canadian Research Chair has been renewed for 5 years.

Regan Wilks takes Second Place at the 2006 ALS Users' Meeting

Wilks competed in the annual Student Poster Competition held at the Advanced Light Source.