Beamteam Research Group

Current Affiliation:
Associate Professor, College of Nano Science and Technology, Soochow University 199 Ren-Ai Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou Jiangsu 215123, P. R. China


  • University of Toronto
    Toronto, Ontario
    B.A. Sc. (Engineering Physics)
    May 2007
  • University of Saskatchewan
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    M. Sc. (Physics)
    May 2010
  • University of Saskatchewan
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    Ph.D. Physics
    August 2013

Ph.D. Thesis

X-ray Transitions in Broad Band Materials


The general application of soft X-ray spectroscopy in the study of the electronic structure of materials is discussed, with particular emphasis on broad band materials. Several materials are studied using both soft X-ray spectroscopy and density functional theory to provide experimental and theoretical electronic structures, respectively. In particular, bonding, cation hybridization, and band gaps for several binary oxides (the alkali oxides: BeO, MgO, CaO, SrO, BaO; the post-transition metal oxides: ZnO, CdO, HgO; and the period 5 oxides In2O3, SnO, SnO2, Sb2O3, Sb2O5, and TeO2) are studied. The technique of using the peaks in the second derivatives of an X-ray emission and an X-ray absorption spectrum to estimate the band gap of a material is critically analyzed, and a more accurate ``semi-empirical'' method that involves both measured spectra and theoretical calculations is proposed.

The techniques used in the study of binary oxides are then applied to a more interesting (and industrially relevant) group of ternary oxides based on TiO2 (PbTiO3, Sn2TiO4, Bi2Ti4O11, Bi4Ti3O12, and ZnTiO3), and a general rule for the band gaps of these materials is suggested based on empirical data. This research may help direct efforts in synthesizing a hydrogen-producing photocatalyst with a band gap that can efficiently harness the bulk of the solar spectrum.

Finally, several layered pnictide superconductors and related compounds (CaFe2As2, Co-, Ni- and Cu-doped BaFe2As2, LiFeAs, LiMnAs, CaCu1.7As2, SrCu2As2, SrCu2(As0.84Sb0.16)2, SrCu2Sb2, and BaCu2Sb2) are studied. The X-ray spectra provide rather strong evidence that these materials lack strong on-site Hubbard-like correlations, and that their electronic structures are almost entirely like those of a broad band metal. In particular, it is shown that the notion that the transition metals are all divalent is completely wrong for copper in a layered pnictide, and that at best in these systems the copper is monovalent.

M.Sc. Thesis

Structural Characterization of Arsenic-Doped Amorphous Selenium


Amorphous selenium has recently found commercial application in modern direct conversion X-ray imaging detectors (DCXID) used in medical facilities. Amorphous selenium is used to directly convert an X-ray signal into an electrical signal - similar to the process in a digital camera. These DCXIDs have faster imaging capabilities and lower costs then traditional X-ray imaging devices. Additionally, there is theoretical justification for extremely high resolution X-ray images.

Unfortunately, amorphous selenium is unstable, and it spontaneously crystallizes. Even partially crystallized selenium is useless for DCXIDs. Doping with arsenic can retard rate of crystallization, but the exact mechanism for this process is unknown. Unfortunately adding arsenic increases charge-trapping, which reduces the resolution of the DCXID.

Using synchrotron-excited X-ray spectroscopy I have studied the structural and electronic properties of arsenic-doped amorphous selenium. I have identified spectral features which coincide with increasing crystallinity, and increasing arsenic concentration. Further study of this system is on-going.

This research is supported by an NSERC Strategic Grant.

Other Projects

Advanced Oxides

  • Multiferroics
  • Pyroxenes
  • Binary metal-oxides

Oxygen is a key element in many correlated materials, and is an excellent element for soft X-ray spectroscopy. Many metal-oxide systems exhibit interesting properties such as (anti)ferromagnetism, (anti)ferroelectricity, and ferroelasticity.

I am using synchrotron-excited soft X-ray spectroscopy (SXS) and density functional theory (DFT) calculations to study the properties of many multiferroics, pyroxenes, and binary metal-oxides.

Iron Pnictide Superconductors

A new class of superconductors was recently discovered based on Fe-As layers. I am using SXS and DFT to study the electronic structure of these materials, helping to identify electron correlation effects, the influence of transition metal dopants, and the physical structure of these materials.

Aromatic Adsorption in Porous Silicon

Porous silicon can trap airborne aromatic molecules in nano-scale pores. These molecules change the surface electronic properties of the silicon. I am using SXS to study the impact of different nitroamide aromatics on the surface electronic structure of porous silicon. This research is aimed at developing solid-state detectors for explosives.


  • NSERC CGS D3 (September 2010)
  • NSERC Summer in Taiwan Scholarship (July 2010)


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