Beamteam Research Group


  • University of Esfahan,
    Esfahan, Iran
    BSc. Physics 2006
  • Shahid Beheshti University of Kerman,
    Kerman, Iran
    MSc. Physics 2008
  • Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IBB),
    University of Tehran, Tehran
    PhD Physics 2013
  • University of Saskatchewan,
    Saskatoon, SK,
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow Physics 2016
  • Degroote School of Business,
    McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
    Master of Finance 2017

Current Employment

Product Development Scientist, NanoXplore, Montreal, QC

Research Topic

Electronic Structure of Graphene through Nitrogen doping and functional groups.


  • How functional groups change the electronic structure of graphdiyne: Theory and Experiment  
    N. Ketabi, T.M. Tolhurst, B. Leedahl, H. Liu, Y. Li, A. Moewes, Carbon 123, 1-7 (2017). 

  • Tuning Electronic Structure of Graphene through Nitrogen doping: Experiment and Theory
    N. Ketabi, T. de Boer, M. Karakay, J. Zhu, A. Podila, A.M. Rao, E.Z. Kurmaev, and A. Moewes, RSC Advances 6, 56721-56727 (2016).