Picture of  Patrick Braun

Patrick Braun

PhD Student


  • TU Darmstadt, Germany
    Physics and Mathematics
    Examen (2018)

  • University of Saskatchewan
    Saskatoon, SK
    Ph.D. Physics (started Sept. 2018)


  • DAAD-ISAP scholarship (20015-2016)
  • Department of Physics and Engineering Physics Scholarship (2018-2021)
  • USask Teacher Scholar Doctoral Fellowship (2021-2022)



  • Origin and Control of Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in Co,Zn-doped SnO2: Oxygen Vacancies and their Local Environment 
    J. Ho, T. de Boer, P.M. Braun, B. Leedahl, M. Dhamodaran, M. Ramaswamy, and A. Moewes, J. Mater. Chem. C Just Accepted doi:10.1039/C9TC06830A (2020).