University of Saskatchewan Team Shaping the Future of Technology

A portrait of the beam team was published in the Westgrid/Compute Canada Newsletter in March 2016.

Read the full article here: https://www.westgrid.ca/research-showcase/university_saskatchewan_team_shaping_future_technology 

Dr. Alexander Moewes, and his very talented and productive research group, the Beamteam, are studying cutting-edge materials that could shape the future of technology.

Professor Moewes and his team compare the measurements from their synchrotron-based spectroscopy to their own calculations in an attempt to predict and tailor the behavior of the outer electrons of novel materials. It is the outer electrons of a material that govern nearly all of its properties - optical, electronic, magnetic, chemical, and even catalytic. 

The group’s research activities have resulted in several recent peer reviewed publications, all based on WestGrid / Compute Canada resources. 

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