• Work Experience

Professor, Tenured, July 1990 - present

Acting Department Head, July 2011 - June 2012

Head, Department of Agricultural Economics, July 2001 - June 2006

Canadian Grain Policy Research Chair, July 2011 – present


  • Academic and Training Background

Ph.D. Dept. of Agriculture and Resource Economics, U. of California at Berkeley, 1991

M.Sc. Department of Agricultural Economics, U. of Saskatchewan, 1981             

B.S.A. (honours), Department of Agricultural Economics, U. of Saskatchewan, 1979


  • Selected Accomplishments and Honours

Outstanding Journal Article CAES. 2011/12

President of Canadian Agricultural Economics Society 2012

Article of Enduring Quality 2012, Canadian Agricultural Economics Society

Fellowship in Canadian Agricultural Economics Society, July, 2010

Member of the Crop Research Funding Working Group 2011-2013

Board of Directors Canadian Agricultural Policy Institute 2017-present


  • Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications, Patent Applications and Patents

PUBLICATIONS             (63 peer reviewed journal articles and 35 book chapters)

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  • Selected Research Funding

Network Lead for the Canadian Agricultural Innovation and Regulation Network, funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada , $1,000,000 (2009-2013)

Network Leader for the Canadian Agricultural Innovation Research Network funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, $910,000 (2005–2009)

Canadian Grain Policy Chair $180,000 (2013-2017)

Canadian Grain Policy Chair $190,000 (2018-2022)

Co investigator and GE3LS lead for Canadian Triticum Applied Genomics (CTAG2) led by C. J. Pozniak and A. Sharpe funded by Genome Canada/Western Grains Research Foundation /DuPont Pioneer/Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture/Manitoba Agriculture/Bayer Crop Science. $7,534,001. (2015-2019)

Co Investigator and GE3LS lead for Canadian Triticum through Genomics project (CTAG) project lead by Curtis Pozniak and Andrew Sharp. C.J. Pozniak, P. J. Hucl, A. Sharpe, C. McCartney, R. Knox, M. Jordan, H. Randhawa, D. Spaner, V. Galushko, R. Gray. Canadian Triticum Advancement through Genomics (CTAG). Genome Canada/Province of Saskatchewan. $7.3 Million (2011-2015).

Co investigator and GE3LS lead for SoyaGen: Improving yield and disease resistance in short­season soybean led by François Belzile, Richard Bélanger funded by Genome Canada/Western Grains Research Foundation/Sask Pulse Growers and several other orgnisations (2015-2019)    

Project Co-Lead, Farmer adoption and big data based applications in production agriculture Plant Phenotyping and Imaging Research Centre, CFREF (2014-2020)

Co Investigator and GE3LS lead for 4DWheat: Diversity, Domestication, Discovery, and Delivery project lead by Curtis Pozniak and Sylvie Cloutier. Genome Canada/Province of Saskatchewan. $11.0 Million (2019-2023)