nātawihowin & mamawiikikayahk Story

nātawihowin Name Gifting

Following the protocols of the Cultural Responsiveness Framework, cloth and tobacco were given by Dr. JoLee Sasakamoose and Mr. Martin Bembridge (FSIN) to traditional bundle keeper, Alex Ahenakew, Ahtahkakoop First Nation. Mr. Ahenakew is the second generation of Elders to work with the Cultural Responsiveness Framework and he was a key Knowledge Keeper at FSIN’s traditional wellness gathering in August 2019. Mr. Ahenakew provided the name, nātawihowin for the First Nations network. The translation of the name is “the art of self-healing” or to “seek out healing”, with a deeper meaning for out network of the convergence of western ways with Indigenous ways coming together to support each other’s healing.

mamawiikikayaahk Name Gifting

Métis Nation – Saskatchewan (MN-S) represents the province’s Métis citizens and is one of the nātawihowin and mamawiikikayaahk Research, Training and Mentorship Networks' (SK-NEIHR) primary partner. Elder Norm Fleury is Principal Knowledge User on the SK-NEIHR grant. He is a tireless promoter of the Michif language and speaks Michif, Cree, Anishinaabemowin, Dakota, French, and English. During the grant submission process, and in conversation over breakfast with Principal Investigator Dr. Robert Henry, Norm provided the name mamawiikikayaahk for the Métis Network. The translation of which means healing together in Michif and is rooted in health, healing and Métis concepts of reciprocity and how we can give back and heal as a nation.

Reports & Evaluations

Annual Reports


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Research Team

The nātawihowin and mamawiikikiyaahk Research, Training and Mentorship Network team supports community stakeholders and researchers in respectful research relationships. This network has over 100 members from across Saskatchewan. Click on this link [research-team] to check out the research team and find the right match for your research or community.


Our Partners

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  • Métis Nation-Saskatchewan
  • Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations
  • Whitecap Dakota First Nation
  • Northern Intertribal Health Authority
  • Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan
  • Office of the Treaty Commissioner of Saskatchewan
  • University of Regina
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • First Nations University of Canada
  • Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology
  • Gabriel Dumont Institute

Communications and Knowledge Translation Committee

The  Communications and Knowledge Translation Committee is made up members from the SK-NEIHR network: Stacey Lovo [director], Patti Tait [Elder], Fleur Macqueen Smith [SK-NEIHR Manager], Andy Greenshaw [U of Alberta], Barb Fornssler [U of Saskatchewan], and Dylan Merrick [nātawihowin-mamwiikikayaahk communications web assistant]). The purpose of the Communications and KT Committee is to provide advice to the SK-NEIHR Executive Director and staff regarding communications strategy, focusing on how to highlight the activities of the nātawihowin and mamawiikikayaahk networks. 


Fleur Macqueen Smith, MA

Fleur has over 20 years of professional experience in research writing, editing, grant management and knowledge translation, with a focus on translating technical materials in health and science disciplines into plain language, and building and sustaining relationships between academic researchers, and government, health, and community partners. Her responsibilities include: 

  • Overseeing daily operations of the research networks, including staff, student trainees and external contractors, to ensure that the research objectives laid out in the SK-NEIHR grant are being met and the networks are functioning well.
  • Maintaining strong linkages with academic departments and units, and non-academic organizations, including governments, tribal councils, and community-based organizations
  • Facilitating the development and submission of Indigenous research grant applications
  • Providing oversight and support for external evaluation of the networks



Dylan Merrick

MA Sociology

BA History and Sociology

  • Assists in the redesign of our Saskatchewan NEIHR network website, as well as other related websites, such as the NEIHR National Coordinating Centre, using Cascade
  • Photography, videography, and profiles of our research team and research team members, highlighting ongoing meetings and projects
  • Provides support with a sustainable communications strategy for the network, including social media, web updates, and a newsletter.
  • Assisting in developing online learning modules for graduate students and new investigators.

Contact dylan.merrick@usask.ca

Tammy Popova

MA Arts

  • Administrative and financial assistance to the Executive Director and Principal Investigators, management of research funds 
  • Support of academic research programs and projects 
  • Communications, coordination of meetings with academic, community and government parties 
  • Organization and hosting meetings and events 
  • Office management, including space and equipment 
  • Human resources duties 
  • Assistance with organization and publicizing networks’ activities through social media 
  • Research and grant submission support 

office # 203

Contact: tammy.popova@usask.ca, 306-966-5762