Upcoming Events

The Fruit Program holds workshops, tours, and are often invited speakers at conferences. These events are designed to give commercial growers and gardeners a chance to learn, ask questions, and participate. Look below for a list of this year's events. Events that are hosted by the Fruit Program are held at the field lab (scroll down for map). Click here for a more detailed map.

Haskap School Agenda to be announced 


Possibly cancelled maybe Online? Haskap days will be July 16,17 2020

The University of Saskatchewan Fruit Program and the Haskap Canada Association are partnering to host 2 days of everything Haskap 

July 16th: Haskap School. Sign-in starts at 8:30 but the class runs from 9 to 3, with a break for lunch. The cost is $50.   

July 17th: Haskap Field Day.  Location: U. of Sask. Campus, Horticulture Research Field. 2909 14th Street, Saskatoon. Cost is $35 per adult, kids are free.  Registration starts at 9:30 but tours, demonstrations, tasting, and talks go from 10 to 3. More details will be added soon.

Please fill out the Haskap days registration form  and Email it to justin.schaeffer@usask.ca 


Sept2,3  International Society for Horticultural Science Haskap Berry Workshop Charlottetown, PEI 

                                 Program                  Call for abstracts March 6

Unsure how it will be done stay tuned . Annual plant sale 2020 June 5&6 2909 14th street



Due to popular demand, we will be extending our annual plant sale to include 1 half day on Saturday. 

Our sale will be held on: 

Friday June 5,

Saturday June 6, 

Horticulture Field Lab-2909 14th street Saskatoon

Our plant sale focuses on varieties we've bred and some other plants that we think are worthwhile.  Most plants are small plants that were propagated last growing season and cost $5. All sales include taxes.  We can only accept cash or cheques.  We do not have the capacity to take debit or credit cards.  There are no cash machines on the premises.

Our sale is designed for gardeners.  There is a restriction of 30 fruit plants per customer unless otherwise noted; no restictions on ornamentals.  Years ago we had an unfortunate situation of a few farmers buying hundreds of plants and few were left for gardeners.  However, at the end of the sale we are willing to sell large quantites of what is left to farmers.  Some varieties may have restrictions on how many plants can be purchased if they are in low numbers. We will put signs up where this is the case.

Staff and volunteers will be availabe to answer questions about the plants.

We will have boxes and bags available but many customers prefer to bring plastic totes. Some people bring wagons to haul plants.

Parking: Please park on 14th street or in the surrounding neighborhood.  We have only a small parking lot for staff, volunteers and equipment.


FRUIT: There is still lots of Haskap, Especially Boreal Beast, and Aurora (Which are considered among the most flavourful) but very few Blizzards are left There will be no limits on Haskap.  There are only about 25 rhubarb plants left. All other fruits are sold out.

Ornamentals: Lots of Geraniums  (Many left don't have flowers but we know what most of them will be like) Some Scorpion Coleus, purple oxalis, cannas and succulent planters.  Canna plants left over are smaller so will be $5 instead of $10

Water garden plants:  Moderate amounts of water lettuce, some papyrus, and taro. Most of our cannas can be used as bog plants. 

Vegetables: Asparagus plants only a few plants left

Other Plants: There are a few miscellaneous plants left, We think there may be more in our greenhouse and will look for those in the morning.


Growing Fruit in Northern Gardens By Sara WIlliams and Bob Bors $40

Cooking with cherries from the Prairies By C. Kachkowski, L. Sawatzky, and L. Bors  $20

Cooking with Haskap By Loretta Bors and Lily Sawatzky  $15

Key to guessing terms:

Lots = probably won't run out

Moderate = Might run out late on Friday or early Saturday

Some =  Probably will be gone by noon first day

Note: All proceeds go to benefit Horticulture research at the University of Saskatchewan.  Last year we raised enough to hire 3 summer students and pay for part of our greenhouse bill!