Upcoming Events

The Fruit Program holds workshops, tours, and are often invited speakers at conferences. These events are designed to give commercial growers and gardeners a chance to learn, ask questions, and participate. Look below for a list of this year's events. Events that are hosted by the Fruit Program are held at the field lab (scroll down for map). Click here for a more detailed map.

Most of our events are held at the Horticulture Research Fields:

Haskap School 2023

July 13th , a thursday, 9am to 3pm

Cost $50, payable by cheque or cash (we have a bank machine in the building)

Location: Agriculture Building, University of Saskatchewan, Room TBA. 53 Campus Drive, Saskatoon

Description:  Lectures and discussion will be about haskap biology, growing, processing and marketing in a classroom setting. Also we will discuss haskap abreeding and research at the U of Sask.

Most talks are by Bob Bors but some experienced growers may also give talks.  BYO lunch or eat elsewhere on campus.


Haskap Research Tour 2023

July 14th,a Friday, 9 am to 2pm

Cost $40, Payable by cheque or cash (No bank machine) Cost includes a light Pizza lunch, bottles of water and a haskap desert.

Location: Horticulture Research Field: 2909 14th Street, Saskatoon.


9am to noon or 1pm:

We will visit several research fields to see various experiments, new and old varieties, wild haskap, seedlings and advanced selections from breeding.  We have one of the world's most diverse collections of haskap that are being used in breeding.

Attendees get to roam fields, tasting berries and tagging their favourites. We will also be on the look out for pests, diseases and herbicide damage.

There will be a harvesting machine and other equipment demonstrations. We will also demonstrate ways to prune and train haskap.

Noon to 1pm (or so):  Lunch and visit tradeshow. We have an area for a small tradeshow where we allow nurseries, organizations and companies to set up booths.  We don't charge for being part of the tradeshow, but let us know you are coming so we can arrange a set up time. We only have a few tables but we can reserve a few.

1pm to 2pm (or so):  Open discussion.  Sometimes tradeshow vendors or grower group representatives will want to give short talks. 

The tour and the open discussion are great opportunities to ask and answer questions.  Often new growers don't know the right questions to ask, so hearing what others are curious about works out well.